• It’s Sustainable

    9.8 million tons of furniture end up in U.S. landfills every year. While other furniture is made with fiberboard, plywood or soft woods, we use a steel frame for all Campaign seating. It's up to 10x stronger than wood alternatives and doesn’t wear over time. Our frame lasts so long, we slapped a lifetime guarantee on it.

  • It’s Washable

    Yes, you read that right. All of our fabrics are life friendly to protect against stains and spills. Campaign seating also features completely removable and machine washable cover sets. Simply disassemble the product, remove the individual cover set and machine was on a normal cycle. We suggest air drying to maintain shape and color. Stress free seating is officially here.

  • It’s Portable

    Moving is a hassle but Campaign is designed to help with that. Our furniture ships to you in boxes making them easier to maneuver into elevators, stairwells and doorways. Once it's unpacked, Campaign furniture only takes 10-15 minutes to assemble and requires no tools at all. It sounds easy because it is.

  • It’s Changeable

    We get it, taste can change - the bright orange sofa you loved in your first home may not work in your new place. That’s why both our cover sets and leg sets are thoughtfully designed to detach from the frame. You shouldn’t have to buy all new furniture or shell out for reupholstery to make your home feel shiny and new. With Campaign, simply choose a new cover set from our 17 color options or select from our 2 leg sets to instantly transform your seating.

  • It’s Accessible

    Traditional furniture brands can take more than 6 weeks to deliver. Campaign is designed to arrive at your door within 7 days (for free). Zero quality compromised. We also partner with Affirm to offer financing options at 0% interest so you can get the goods now and pay later.

Try any seating for 30 days with free shipping and returns.